Two weeks advanced reservation is required for each event, party or function. Minimum bookings are for two hours. Additional hours can be reserved before the event if more time is needed. A 50% payment deposit is to be prepaid prior to the event. If additional hours are requested at or during the event, Client must pay for any additional time in cash prior to the completion of the originally scheduled booking time. Additional time is purchased in one-hour increments.

Payments are due 50% upfront at time of booking via Paypal, and the balance is due when Psychic arrives at the event location. The total booking fee may also be prepaid.

Balance is payable on-site either in cash, or with a personal check. If balance is paid with a personal check from Client, the Client must provide valid information of client on the check - driver license number with expiration date of license and DOB and Client's driver license for real time verification by Psychic.

Client will sign a short form agreement prior to the Event that informs Client that Psychic provides her services strictly for entertainment and shall not be held legally liable in the event any of Client's guests misconstrues the psychic services and the information she provides to such guests to be anything but entertainment, and thereby misuses such information to their own personal detriment.

The prepaid booking fee of 50% deposit is non-refundable if Client cancels the booking within 48 hours of the reserved event date. If Client cancels the booking one week before the event, there will be a 10% cancellation fee based on the initial 50% deposit, and not on the entire booking fee.

All bookings include a ten-mile radius and travel time from Tacoma prepaid in the 2-hour booking. If the event is beyond a ten-mile distance from Tacoma, a $50.00 travel mileage fee will be added to the booking total. This fee will cover up to a distance of 40 miles from the Tacoma area. Any travel beyond the 40-mile distance will require an additional $50.00 to be added to the total booking fee.

Please note that all travel fees must be paid in full in advance at the time of Client's booking.